Helping Cancer Patients to Never Give Up

You are not alone. God wants to help you. He helped me.

Never Give Up. Always Hope. Pursue Life

Were you or someone close to you diagnosed with cancer and are going through or about to start treatments? This website was made especially for you. It is my way of honoring God who helped me through my treatments, by helping you get through yours.

Why I Created This Site

I created this site because I wanted to provide an avenue for cancer patients to have someone to talk to and to actively pray with them and for them. I want to help cancer patients establish and keep a positive mindset, remain hopeful, and never give up. 

One of the things I desperately wanted when I was being treated for cancer, especially while in the hospital for a week at a time, was for someone to pray with me, encourage me, and to pat me on the back, and tell me everything would be alright. I craved that encouragement, even though I knew family and friends were praying for me, I believe that those prayers contributed.

Two people suggested I pray for cancer patients and one even suggested the name for this site. I decided to move and make it happen, and this site is the result.

Consider The Spiritual Part

What is the spiritual component of my treatment? That was a question I entered on the new-patient form during my first visit to the oncologist. I didn’t receive a direct answer to that question, but I did experience it. Also, one of the nursing assistants told me that mindset is key. I have to maintain a positive mindset to be victorious in the fight against cancer.

Then there was the chaplain, Alex. His wisdom was instrumental in helping me to perceive things clearer. My mother provided words of wisdom regarding the chemotherapy. She said to pray that it would do what it was designed to do and not harm me in the process.

I realized, and so should you, that cancer treatments are more than medications, scans, and surgeries. There is a spiritual component that can help you tremendously if you develop a mindset for it.

Everything Will Be Alright

Those were the words I desperately wanted to hear while I was going through my treatments. Those words have the power of hope in them. I offer those same words to you.