About ‘I Pray For Cancer Patients’

I Offer You What I desperately Wanted.

About This Website

I was treated for cancer from 2019 to 2021. Currently, I am just getting a checkup every six months. However, there was a time during my treatments that my mind went to dark and desperate places. Places that I never dreamed it would go. It was like being stranded out at sea with nothing around you and little hope of making it to safety.

The one thing that I wanted most of all during my treatments was encouragement. I wanted someone to pat me on the back and tell me that everything would be alright. I desperately wanted a Christian to lay hands on me and command healing like Jesus taught his disciples to do. That never happened though I knew many people were praying for me, and thank God they were. However, I wanted something up close and personal.

I decided that I would do something to help other cancer patients. I ministered to people as the opportunity presented itself while in the hospital for a week at a time getting infused with Chemotherapy drugs. As I got better and began to come to grips that God did a great thing for me, I decided to honor him by ministering to cancer patients. I could empathize with them because I went through similar treatments.

This website is my effort to minister to cancer patients. It’s that simple. I want to help encourage you and personally pray for you and with you because those are the things I craved when hope seemed to be slipping away from me.

Cancer patients and I can communicate using email, phone calls, or video calls. The point is to as much as possible make myself available to help you stay focused on the goal, which is a healthy life and to encourage you to never give up and rely on God to help you get through.

So, click the button below if you or someone you know could use personal prayer regarding cancer treatments, or just someone to talk to, or even just to have someone praying for you without personally communicating with you.